Ni Hao!
My name is Hannah Smith, I’m 26 and I’m currently living in Guangzhou, China with my husband Toby.
On January 5th 2017 we made the move to this crazy, wonderful city thanks to Toby’s ambition & itch to explore a new part of the world. Day to day we both work in the aviation industry but in my free time I love to blog about our lives – my new passion!
I hope you’ll enjoy following along as we navigate our way through this adventure! If just one of my posts makes you smile or laugh then please let me know, you will make my day.
If you have Instagram you can also follow me there @englishgirlinchina where I’ll be posting daily photos of things I’ve seen and places I’ve been.
Thank you for your support, it means so much to me 🙂
englishgirlinchina xo