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Hello from Hong Kong (*spoiler alert* I don’t live in Guangzhou anymore).

It’s been almost a year since I added anything to my blog.. a year of being told by my parents and husband to carry on, don’t quit, write about something! Honestly it became such a chore to write anything that my brain shut down and I gave up. We’re our own worst critics! I wrote loads of posts that I should have uploaded but I’d read them back and rip them to shreds, so I just didn’t bother anymore. But here I am again, refreshed and ready to give it a go. 

It’s a very grey afternoon here today, but we’ve been needing this rain for about 2 weeks so I’m not complaining. Perfect weather for curling up on the sofa with my laptop and an instant latte. Hong Kong is similar to Guangzhou with its seasons which means it’s slowly beginning to cool down after a ridiculously sweaty summer. When we take our pup out for a walk in the mornings (*another spoiler alert* we got a dog) there’s a lovely cool breeze and minimal humidity, it’s perfect. My jumpers and knee high boots are hanging in the wardrobe ready to be worn! 

Let’s have a quick catch up then, shall we? We’ve now been living in the lovely town of Sai Kung since March 27th (which just so happens to be the date that I left the UK in 2014 to move to Singapore all those years ago) and I’m happy to report that we’ve settled in quite nicely. The settling was helped (or hindered, it depends which stories I tell) by adopting our fur baby, Chip.

He’s home!
Look at those wrinkles!
We’re pretty sure – among others – he’s part SharPei & part Husky.

We’ve wanted a dog ever since we left Singapore but the timing never worked out, so once we arrived in Hong Kong we began the hunt for our new family member. We chose to visit some older dogs, around 3-4 years old, who were all lovely and sweet but a little nervous around humans after living on the streets for so long – most dogs available for adoption in HK are strays. After visiting Hong Kong Dog Rescue one afternoon we avoided the puppy enclosure like the plague and spent some time with a cutie that we’d seen online, but he didn’t like us too much. We were getting ready to leave when the most horrific storm began outside, so after 10 minutes the shelter encouraged us to sit and play with the puppies for a while.

Damnit, we caved! Enter Chip.

Toby in his element. If he had his way we’d have taken them all.

Toby fell in love with a sweet little dog called Rosie but I managed to get my way and we adopted our son (hahaha I’m THAT dog parent now). Without going into too much detail the poor little thing was ridden with health problems, I was convinced he was going to die after the first night and that wasn’t just me being dramatic, so I’m grateful we brought him home when we did and I’m pleased to say he’s made a full recovery and seems pretty happy in his new home!

When we started looking for places to live here we saw a real mixture of apartments and areas (one being so detached from the city that the estate agent told us it would be normal to leave the house and see a water buffalo standing on the door step) but eventually settled on the seaside town of Sai Kung. After living in downtown Guangzhou for 2 years we were ready for a quieter, more relaxed way of life (and given we’re both from British seaside towns it was exciting to be near the sea again). It’s a great part of Hong Kong that I never knew existed and the gateway to so many hiking trails and boat trips around the islands here. If you go down to the port in a morning you can spot the fishermen selling their catches fresh from the boat, people eating dim sum in the many waterfront restaurants and beloved dog owners pushing their little pooches along the promenade in doggy push chairs (not kidding). 

We have everything we need here, including a small supermarket that sells Tescos products which was VERY exciting to find! We’re now surrounded by greenery and hills instead of people and skyscrapers, which, even though I loved that fast pace of life, it’s nice to be living a little slower these days. 

It’s been good to warm up the ol’ fingers and dust of my keyboard once again.

Let’s catch up again soon?

englishgirlinchina XO


  1. Brenda
    October 7, 2019 / 12:27 pm

    Glad you are back😁.

    • englishgirlinchina
      October 11, 2019 / 8:08 am

      Me too, feels good!

  2. Mike FaireyWell
    October 7, 2019 / 5:00 pm

    Well done Hannah. How are the protests affecting your life?

    • englishgirlinchina
      October 11, 2019 / 8:11 am

      Thanks Mike! Luckily we’re further out of the city so day to day it hasn’t been bothering us. Last week though they were targeting mainland Chinese owned businesses so they all closed shop on the Saturday.. that was tricky as we couldn’t go to the supermarket, but they re-opened on the Sunday 🙂 just hoping that it doesn’t spread up to the little town we live in.

  3. Adrian Walsh
    October 11, 2019 / 9:26 am

    Welcome back…!! I seen Toby 2 weeks ago in Sin for MRO Asia. Glad u are well

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