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In life when we’re excited about future events we count down the days and wish that time would speed up, but when you finally get to the thing you’ve been looking forward to time seems to fast forward and before you know it it’s all over! I’d been so looking forward to welcoming my parents into China that from the day they booked their flights to the day they flew here time seemed to drag on and on and on. But the second we greeted each other in Hong Kong to today has disappeared in the blink of an eye. How is that fair?!
Guangzhou hasn’t been on its best behaviour in terms of weather (thanks a lot..) as we’ve had quite a lot of rain and not enough sunshine, but I’m 99% sure they’ve both really enjoyed their time exploring and seeing somewhere new (and of course, most importantly, seeing me 😉).
I always love spending time in Hong Kong so when they told us that’s where they were flying into I was super excited to spend the weekend there with them. We found a great deal on accommodation (Kerry Hotel in Hung Hom Bay) and planned out some things that we’d like to see and do. Luckily for me one of those things turned out to be the Ngong Ping cable car to Lantau Island, which is something I’ve wanted to do since the first time I visited HK – it was shut for maintenance every time we visited. I always think it feels really strange to see something in real life that you’ve previously seen in so many other photos or TV shows, so I was quite blown away when we spotted the Tian Tan Buddha (I say spotted like it was difficult to find.. it’s bloody massive). We took a few photos from the bottom before Toby & I walked 268 steps up to the top for a better look. Unfortunately during our visit there was quite a lot of cloud cover and the view wasn’t as clear as it would be on a sunny day but it was still quite impressive up there – I never realised how many little islands with beaches were dotted around Hong Kong!
Tip: If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong I’m sure this will also be on your list of things to see as it’s one of Hong Kong’s most famous attractions. I strongly recommend that you book the cable car tickets online prior to your visit. We arrived at the station to a huge queue of people waiting to buy them and were able to walk straight past. Our boarding time was at 13:15 as the earlier times were already gone when we booked, so if you visit in the afternoon be prepared to wait for a while in order to board the cabins (especially if you book the crystal cabin with the glass floor as these only come along 1 in every 4 cabins). My suggestion would be to go up in one of the first slots as the station will be quieter, Lantau Island will be less crowded and you won’t have to wait as long to get back down again!

To finish off our exciting Saturday I’d booked for us to go to a restaurant called Nanhai No. 1 for dinner, suggested by Toby who always goes on and on about how amazing the food is. I wanted to do something special to celebrate mum & dad’s birthdays that I missed earlier in the year (bad daughter) so this seemed like a perfect reason to go. The restaurant is located on the 30th floor of an average looking shopping mall, but the restaurant itself was as far from average as could be. We arrived about 40 minutes before our reservation to have a drink on the deck of their bar, Eye Bar, which offered the most incredible view of Victoria harbour. I’d imagine that other well-known sky bars on a Saturday night would be absolutely packed, but this hidden gem was relatively quiet in comparison (despite the usual buzz you’d expect on a weekend). Standing up there sipping on a cocktail with 3 of my favourite people on this planet is a memory that will forever make me smile. It was perfect.

Speaking of perfect – THE FOOD. Wow. As I mentioned above, Toby has been telling me about this restaurant for months (luckily for him he’s been a few times) so my expectations were high. This place smashed them. They serve traditional Cantonese dishes and I think they were probably the best I’ve ever eaten. Definitely add this place onto your “Must Eat Here While In Hong Kong” list, I promise you won’t regret it.
We woke on the Sunday morning to rain (the recurring theme of my parent’s trip) so spent a few hours wandering around the countless shopping malls before jumping into a car to take us back across the border to Guangzhou. I was quite sad for this part of their holiday to be over but couldn’t wait to be able to show them our city, I just really wish the weather had been a bit better. Over the last 2 weeks they’ve been out and about most days, on their own, exploring temples and places I’ve not even visited before. I’m so proud of them! Seriously. Without sounding patronising (they’ve been on this earth longer than me, after all) I was a bit worried that they would be too nervous to navigate the metro or take a taxi without us but they’ve been absolutely fine. I was at least expecting a few text messages like “send help, we’re lost” but not a peep out of either of them. When you read this, you guys have rocked China and we have absolutely loved having you here. I love that you now know where we live, work, like to eat and spend our weekends.. there’s something quite comforting in that for me.

Now, let’s enjoy the next few days together before we have to say that horrible ‘g’ word!! ❤️
I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Friday is in sight, you’re almost there!
Lots of love,
englishgirlinchina XO


  1. Beverley smith
    April 26, 2018 / 12:34 pm

    Loved reading this. You write so well. Hats off to them finding themselves around.xx

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