My Mojo Is Back.. Kinda

Hello, beautiful people.
好久不见 ✌🏼(literal translation-long time no see).
I’ve come to realise that living here can make it quite difficult to find “comfort food”. I’ve definitely adapted and can now seek (some) comfort in a steaming hot bowl of soup & noodles, but sometimes you just crave a chicken & leek pie with mashed potatoes or a bowl of your mum’s homemade mac & cheese. Recently we found a new restaurant (a French café, if you were wondering) that serves quiche!!!! QUICHE!!!! It was delicious and eating it made me very happy. Sometimes it’s the little things in life.
Guangzhou has decided to grace us with a few more days of Spring so this past weekend’s weather was beautiful. We wanted to spend as much time outside as possible as the air quality was also pretty great so we rented some bikes and cycled about 6KM along the Pearl River. As China’s 3rd longest river (at 2,400KM) we definitely could have kept going for a while but the path we were following came to a pretty abrupt end. Perhaps next time we’ll see what happens if we go the other way. A little geography lesson for you.. the Pearl River is named as such thanks to the pearl-coloured shells that lie at the bottom of the river in the section that flows through the city centre in Guangzhou – though I must say you would never know by looking as you definitely can’t see the bottom through the murky water. A section of the river even crosses into the northern part of Vietnam!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, remember that I’ve been mentioning (only for the last YEAR) that we wanted to walk to the top of Baiyun Mountain?? I’m pleased to report that a few weeks ago we finally did it! I think it took us about 3 hours to get to the peak – we had a little break somewhere around the middle – and for the most part it was a pretty easy, leisurely stroll. In hindsight there are a few ways of getting to the very top. The way we walked back down was quite pleasant (parents with strollers were doing just fine) but the way we decided to go up was horrific. Imagine someone dousing your legs in lighter fluid and then setting them on fire. Ok, so I am exaggerating, but it really did hurt. I think it was around 1.5KM of continuous, steep steps. The path was quite narrow so everyone was walking in a line and nobody else seemed to be bothered by burning legs, I just had to keep going because I’m stubborn and didn’t want to be the person that caused everybody to stop. Once the stairs were finished I was relieved to have made it to the peak, but in true China style it was too damn hazy to really see anything. I could see the outline of our skyline and that was it. Bummer. I’m still glad we did it though and it’s another tick on our Guangzhou bucket list ✅.

In other news, next week we’ve got some VIP’s arriving – my mum and dad!!! They’ll be flying into Hong Kong where we’ll meet and spend the weekend before heading back to Guangzhou and I cannot wait to see them. Long distance relationships suck but they suck even more when you’re in one with your parents! I’m so looking forward to showing them around and for them to see where we’ve been living for the last year, it’s all very exciting.
By the way, I will be honest with you guys. I’d completely lost my blogging mojo over the last few months. But of course you noticed because I haven’t posted anything since February. I was in the process of changing my website (to something a little more jazzy and “pretty”) but it went a little bit wrong and I was terrified of losing everything, so I put on the brakes. In turn it somehow killed my motivation to keep writing. I’m trying again and will be leaving it to the professionals, so hopefully nothing goes missing in cyber space and soon englishgirlinchina will be looking a bit fancier – I know it’s such a shallow thing but we have habits of comparing ourselves to strangers online and other blogs were making me feel a bit ashamed of mine 🤦🏻‍♀️! Enough with the complaining and excuses though, I’m working on it and I can’t wait for the end result.
I hope you’ve had a great few months since we last caught up and thank you as always for following along with our adventures.
Much love!
englishgirlinchina XO



  1. Beverley smith
    April 10, 2018 / 5:30 pm

    That was a great day. Yes it was very hard on the legs. But so worth it. Glad you are writing again. You will have such fun with your mum and dad xxx

  2. Adrian Walsh
    April 15, 2018 / 8:32 am

    always enjoy your updates and dont worry if you miss a few ok! Time is flying for all of us.. Enjoy the time with your mum and dad 🙂 x

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