I’m Still Here!

I am the worlds worst procrastinator.
Seriously. “Write a new blog post” has been on my to-do list for weeks. I’m lazy. Then every time I start typing something a little voice in my head says “why are you going to broadcast to the internet what you did last weekend – nobody cares”! And then I realise how many hours a week I must waste watching people live their everyday lives on YouTube and figured, f*ck it! I’ll join in again (but I’ll stick to blogging instead of vlogging, I can only imagine how awkward I’d be in front of a camera).
So.. here we are. It’s been far too long since I posted anything and I’m a little irritated at myself for that. The main purpose of this is for us to be able to look back in years to come and read about the random little details of our past years that we might have forgotten – but of course I hope to entertain you too, dear reader 😉.
Here’s a life update, while I get my sh*t together and revive englishgirlinchina.
It was beyond incredible. The first time I visited Tokyo made me realise I had a slight crush on Japan but after experiencing the nature and remote areas that we visited during this trip I’m like a love sick teenager. The food. The people. The culture! I’ll save it for another post (believe it or not I’ve been writing bits of it for months.. we got back 6 weeks ago. Bad Hannah) but here are a few photos to make you go “ooh” and “aah” in the meantime. Stay tuned!

This one might not be as exciting for you as it is for us, but it’s a total game changer. When we moved into our apartment we were under the impression that we had a fancy looking, stainless steel oven. Wrong. It was a dish steriliser!!! I don’t know why it took us a whole year to cave in and buy one but it’s a little beauty that sits on the kitchen counter top and makes our lives that extra bit more comfortable here.
When I was little I had a pair of shiny red tap shoes and truly believed I was an expert tap dancer. I would watch my parents old VHS tapes of Riverdance and proceed to “copy” the moves in our kitchen, scuffing up the tiled floor in the process. It’s something I have always wanted to see in real life and randomly found out (just the week before) that it was coming to the Guangzhou Opera House. It was amazing and I very nearly cried when they first came out, clipping and clopping onto the stage 😂. I had goosebumps! I found out afterwards that they’d been touring China for a few months and the date we saw them was their last show of the tour.. talk about timing! Who knew I’d finally get to experience it in China, of all places.

Finding the Riverdance tickets had me trawling the internet for other events or shows that we might be able to see here and James Blunt happened to pop up.. so why not 😆.
My mother-in-law will soon be winging her way over to China and arrives this Tuesday morning. We’re so excited to finally welcome our first visitor to our home here (kind of our own fault for making everyone travel to Thailand last year.. sorry guys) and can’t wait to start showing off what Guangzhou has to offer. My mum and dad will also be visiting in April and our best friends in June, so the first half of our 2018 is pretty booked up already and I can’t wait to welcome them all to China.
We experienced our 2nd Chinese New Year. Last year I was fascinated by everything but we were still newbies and I was totally on edge every time we left our apartment so I don’t think I absorbed much of it. I loved the decorations everywhere and the slightly irritating Chinese music that is played in every shop and building, not to mention the atmosphere as people prepared for the biggest holiday in China. We even had a public holiday for the whole week – but we worked it and will be taking the next 7 days off to explore with Toby’s mum instead.

It’s now been over 1 whole year since I wrote my first post on englishgirlinchina, and what a year that’s been. Thank you for reading about our lives. I hope I’ve made you laugh a few times and that you’ve learnt something about China that you didn’t know before!
There we have it! I’d say you’re now pretty much up to date with the start of my 2018. And I promise there is another blog post coming. And another after that.. and then another. You get the point 😉.
I hope the first few weeks of the New Year have been good to you and you’ve enjoyed it so far.. can you believe we’re nearly in March?!
Until next time, lots of love.


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