1 Year Down

WE DID IT!! 1 year in China – ✅
Last Friday 5th marked our 365th day in Guangzhou. I almost can’t believe it.
I’m so thankful to our friends and families for supporting us from afar and for helping us reach this milestone. I most certainly couldn’t have done it without you. And to my husband, your support and hand to hold has allowed me to conquer so much more than I ever thought possible. You gave me a shoulder to cry on, made me laugh when I took things too seriously and continuously told me that I could do this. I did it! WE did it! I love you.
Just like last year Toby has been away this past week on a business trip, though to say it was a little more bearable than January 2017 is a huge understatement.  Of course it wasn’t his fault, but a few days after we officially moved to Guangzhou last year he had to travel and it was honestly one of the hardest weeks of my life so far (drama queen.. but no, seriously). Every night, once I got home from work, I would Skype my parents and cry. So. Much.  I was so unhappy. Why did we move here? I can’t understand what anyone is saying! I’m permanently confused. I’m so lonely! Thank you to both of you (because I know you’ll both read this) for your pep talks and guidance through those tough few weeks.. I love the two of you so much and am eternally grateful for you cheering me on and encouraging me to keep going even though I’m sure you’d rather have cut off your arms just to get me on the first flight back to the UK so you could give me a huge cuddle. Which would have been difficult to do if you’d cut your arms off 😉.
Anyway, that’s enough drama – that suddenly became very heavy! I’ve always tried to be so positive on my blog posts (which has been great for my mentality) but that right there ⬆️⬆️ is how this really felt at the start. I’m pleased to report I am now 1,000,000% happier – HURRAH!
Happy 2018 to you, by the way! 🎉 I hope you had a great one. We had a lovely time in Singapore and celebrated in style with sparklers and Prosecco at midnight!
Needless to say we had all had a bit too much to drink by this point.. 🥂
Now that the Western holidays are over, Chinese New Year decorations are beginning to pop up all over the place. I loved experiencing this festival last year and am even more excited to experience it this time around now that I understand a little more about the celebrations and the culture. Happy Year of the Dog!
It occurred to me a few days ago that I haven’t given an update on our Chinese lessons for a while! We’re still going, though they’ve been a bit all over the place with Toby going away for work and our teacher taking holidays. We’ve been having lessons now for 8/9 months but unfortunately we’re still not fluent yet 😜. We know a lot more words than we did and our sentence structures are getting better – if you asked me to say “Toby & I are going to the cinema next Saturday to watch a movie” I can do it, but please don’t ask me to type it out because that would take a while.. I think the key is to try to use as much of our basic skills as possible, which is something I definitely still struggle with, but I’m an excellent eavesdropper. I might only be able to pick out a small percentage of conversations but for now, that’s enough for me!
So, cheers to 2018. To continuing to explore this planet, to continue learning Chinese and to living happy, healthy lives. We’re off on our long awaited Japanese honeymoon tomorrow and I’m so excited. I’ll definitely do a post about it once we’re back if you fancy being nosy, and if you’d like to see what we get up to you can follow me @englishgirlinchina over on Instagram because I will definitely be posting a ton of photos, mostly of snow because I’m a big kid.
Have a lovely weekend!
(P.s. The day before our 1 year “Chinaversary” also marked 1 year since my first wedding dress fitting 👰🏻 and because I love my dress so much here’s one of the first photos I took of myself wearing it.. please excuse the poor quality, it’s a picture of a picture on my laptop)



  1. Beverley
    January 12, 2018 / 1:50 pm

    This is a wonderful blog. Bless you Hannah. I am so very proud of you both. You both amaze me. Xxxx

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