Drug Lords & Rain. So Much Rain.

Hi, friends! Happy Sunday. I hope you’re all having a great weekend ☺️
If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’m working on a “mini series” for my blog about all things China 🇨🇳. I’m going to be posting topic by topic on subjects like food, Chinese culture and the way of life here. I knew so little about China before we arrived and most of my preconceptions were wrong, so my aim is to give you more of an insight into this part of the world from my perspective and perhaps tweak your own thoughts a little bit! 😉
If there’s anything you’d like to know or you have any suggestions for me please feel free to go ahead and leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you 😍 but in the meantime, stay tuned.. 
This past week has been a bit of a quiet one. Typhoon #4 was heading for us but luckily it changed its path and weakened, so I’m pretty sure the town it “hit” only received some heavy rain. I know the same can’t be said for the USA and islands in the Caribbean right now, which is so sad. Mother nature is a scary, scary thing.. if you or anyone you know has been affected by Hurricane Harvey or WILL be affected by Hurricane Irma, I hope you’re safe and doing OK. Sending lots of love your way! ❤
I might have mentioned before (I definitely have on my Instagram) that I’ve been wanting to go to the Guangdong museum in Guangzhou for some months now. The first time we went we turned up – super early might I add – to an absolutely enormous queue of people, in the midst of a heatwave. So we decided not to bother and went home. Yesterday afternoon I thought to myself “it’s 3PM on a Saturday I bet we’ll be able to walk straight in and I can FINALLY see the Titanic exhibition”. I was wrong. So wrong. There was still a pretty big queue and to top it off as soon as we got out of our taxi the mother of all storms began. There was thunder, lightening and buckets of rain. We were drenched. We joined the queue just to get out of the downpour, not that it helped because it was horizontal at this point. Toby was even standing on top of the railings to avoid getting his shoes wet because the path started flooding 😂. The drains were totally backing up and we were standing at the bottom of a small hill.. good one. 

Once it died down a bit (which didn’t really happen, we just got fed up with standing in the queue that was now not moving at all and flooding more) we ran to the Guangzhou Library, which is actually somewhere I’ve wanted to go into for a while but it took a crazy storm to get me inside. The outside of the building is designed to look like cascading books and is so eye catching (this photo of the outside isn’t mine because I was a little busy swimming across the paths to get inside – OH and the blue sky is a slight giveaway).

The building was only opened 4 years ago in 2013 and covers a gross area of 100 thousand square meters – pretty huge! It is home to 3.82 million books, four thousand seats and 500 computers for visitors to use. That’s only just bigger than the library I used to visit in my home town in the UK…. 🤔 ha! Unfortunately we were in no mood to look around so we walked through the lobby and out the other side to jump into a taxi. When your clothes are soaked through it’s pretty bloody cold when you’re standing in an air conditioned building. 

This morning we spent a good few hours wandering around Beijing Lu (road) which is one of the biggest shopping streets in Guangzhou and also home to the original construction of Guangzhou city. Down the middle of the walking street there are various sections of the original road underneath that are covered in glass to protect them. Some sections date back to around the 1300’s. That’s pretty old! Amongst the modern shops and malls are temples, dated buildings and alleyways into small courtyards of residential buildings built in traditional Chinese styles. You can spend hours walking around and getting a bit lost – which is exactly what we did! It rained again, but only a little bit this time.

We’re currently obsessed with the 3rd season of Narcos, which is exactly what we’ll spend the rest of our evening doing. Have you watched it?? We can’t stop ourselves, which is a little time consuming considering each episode is 1 hour long. We have 2 more episodes until the finale so I’m not sure what we’ll do once it finishes.. are there any other shows you’d recommend? Let me know below 🤗.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and watch out for my next blog post! XO



  1. David Rose
    September 11, 2017 / 11:11 am

    Great blog post as always Han, a thoroughly entertaining read.

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