The Rollercoaster Of Doom

First of all, how is it September already? Seriously, it was only just January. Why does time seem to go so fast once you’re an adult? Secondly, hello. Thanks for coming back to my blog ☺️ here is a virtual high five, just for you.
Guangdong – the province we live in – is set to be hit by yet another typhoon tomorrow (Sunday). That’s 3 typhoons in less than 3 weeks and only 1 week since the last one. Madness. Deep down I have to admit that I kind of secretly love it. Of course I don’t want anything to happen that’s so extreme that people are injured or buildings are damaged, that is awful, but I’m a total weather nerd and have been since I was a kid, so I get weirdly hyped about crazy weather. Fun fact – I was actually in a hurricane in the USA when I was 13. His name was Charley.
Besides the weird pleasure I get from weather, September is set to be a good month! Like I mentioned in my last post we’re taking some time off work and we finally decided where to go… Zhangjiajie. Try saying that 3 times really fast 😂. We’ll be flying to Hunan province which is about 2 hours away from Guangzhou and spending 4 days in a National Park. I’m so excited to finally be able to stretch our legs and see a completely new area of China, something I’ve been looking forward to doing since we moved here, not to mention all of the fresh mountain air we’ll be able to breathe in. If I close my eyes I can almost feel the cool air now.. then I open them again and see the AC vent in my face. 

These mountains inspired James Cameron for the visual setting of the movie ‘Avatar’. There are over three thousand mountain peaks here and the largest, nicknamed Hallelujah Mountain after the film, is 3500 feet above sea level. Besides the mountains there are tons of walking trails and lakes to visit so there’s no doubt we’ll be getting a good dose of nature. Zhangjiajie is also home to the longest and tallest glass bottomed bridge in the world at a height of 260 meters above ground. Will we be brave enough to walk across it? Yeeaaahhhh no. I highly doubt it. If you’re in the mood for a laugh there are some very funny videos on the internet of people that gave up halfway and had to be dragged, screaming, to the other side. That would definitely be me.
In anticipation of spending time outdoors, this afternoon we visited the South China Botanical Garden, not too far from the city centre. It’s the oldest and largest South Asian tropical botanical garden in China and also the one containing the most species, though we saw signs inside declaring it as the largest in the world! It’s been on our list for a while but because of the heat we’ve been putting it off. We agreed we’d take a short walk, go home again and go back in a few months when the weather is a bit cooler but we ended up walking for over 1 hour. Needless to say we were pretty sweaty. Like, REALLY sweaty. Some of the areas looked a little run down, the infrastructure was a bit rusty in places and we both said it felt like we were in Jurassic Park, but the plants and the grounds were lovely. It was just nice to be outside (minus the scorching sun) and alone! In some areas of the park we didn’t come across anybody else. You couldn’t hear any car engines or horns, it was so peaceful. I think you become so accustomed to the noises of a city that we don’t realize how noisy they really are until you’re away from it!

During our walk around the lake we spotted a group of people looking into the water and could hear a lot of splashing. Nobody had fallen in, they were just feeding the fish! They were going crazy (the fish, not the people) literally jumping out of the water, it was quite funny to watch. I’ve never seen so many..

Strangely, we also came across an old theme park smack bang in the middle of the grounds. I would say it was abandoned, the rides were rusty and everything was over grown, but they had music playing and there were people stationed at each of the rides ready to get them going! There were a few other curious people having a look around but none of them seemed remotely interested in being a crash dummy on any of the rollercoasters. It was such a weird place! If you follow me on Instagram (@englishgirlinchina) I added some videos to my stories if you want to check them out before they disappear forever!!

The rest of our week has been good if not average. I had my first experience with expat healthcare and was pleasantly surprised, but it’s very strange to sit in a doctors waiting room in front of a desk with the words “CASHIER” above it. First, they take your blood, then they take your money.
I hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend. I imagine our Sunday will be another lazy, rainy day. Can’t wait ☺️ XO



  1. jujmental
    September 2, 2017 / 6:43 pm

    That’s a photo of fish worthy of National Geographic! Stunning photo Hannie xxx

  2. Adrian Walsh
    September 2, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Good to have you back on the air and love reading your updates! Keep enjoying to you and Toby 🙂
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