I'm Melting..

Happy Wednesday everybody ✨ 
We’re in the midst of a heatwave in Guangzhou at the moment and it’s horrific. Most days the temperature has been around 36-38 degrees C with a “real feel” temperature varying from 41-47 degrees C. It’s just way too hot to go outside for anything, even waiting around for a taxi leaves you feeling uncomfortable and sticky. Yuck. Hopefully towards the end of this week it will get cooler but I’ve not read anything to suggest that.. I’m just hoping that will be the case! 
Last Sunday we attempted to visit the museum to see an exhibit they have right now about the Titanic (I’m a Titanic nerd, I find it so interesting) but it seemed everyone had the same thought process as me when they woke up that morning – “it’s bloody hot outside today, let’s go and do something indoors so we can keep cool”. Ironically most of those people would also have spent a good few hours in a queue outside waiting to get in. We weren’t one of those people. We’ll just have to go back another time, maybe camp outside the night before.. 
Other than the insane heat we’ve been experiencing this past week has been OK. The husband is away on another business trip for a few days but I’m beginning to not mind as much as I used to. Now that we work together his trips are the only real time that we spend apart (except for a few hours here and there, like every Saturday afternoon when he goes for a run and I do nothing except scroll through Instagram or watch YouTube videos in peace) and I’m starting to appreciate the alone time. I used to hate being alone with my thoughts and I’d get bored so easily but being by myself doesn’t feel as bad anymore, I’m learning to enjoy my own company and it’s nice 😌
It’s been a bit of a “thoughtful” few days actually. When I first moved away to Singapore I found it difficult to get used to being outside the bubble of home. Everyone was carrying on with their lives (of course they were, their lives didn’t revolve around me) and I suddenly wasn’t a “physical” part of that anymore – it was strange. It’s a feeling I’ve sort of battled with/tried to bury for the last 3 years but the feelings have reached a bit of a peak in the last few months. Why!? I’m living my life, everyone else is living theirs and while I’m happy for every new milestone or event it’s a little different viewing it through Facebook or a WhatsApp message instead of actually being there. But life goes on. And something that’s stuck with me recently, and given me a bit of comfort, is this quote.. 
“A true friend isn’t someone who came first or who’s been around for the longest. A true friend is someone who came and never left.” 
Thats enough of my contemplating for one day.. I’ll end up with a headache. This isn’t supposed to sound like an invite to my pity party, far from it, I’m just trying to shed a little bit of light into my mind.. I suppose you guys are like my online therapists 🙂
Elsewhere in my brain I’m still day dreaming about Tokyo. From what I was able to see during the few days we were there I absolutely love it.. I’m already checking flight prices to see when we can go back for a holiday! Shibuya crossing, the mad crossroads that they usually show on TV,  was as crazy busy as it looks. People literally cross the road in every single direction and there were giant TV screens on every building – it was like a small slice of Times Square. On our last evening, the people we were having dinner with offered to take us to the top of Tokyo Tower (I think one of them spotted me excitedly/slyly taking photos of it as we walked to the restaurant) which was awesome. It even has its own emoji 🗼 and kind of reminded me of the Eiffel Tower.

Speaking of dinner, Japanese is officially my favourite Asian cuisine. The cold, soba noodles, the dipping sauce, tempura prawns and vegetables.. I’m drooling as I’m typing this (and now REALLY craving noodles). And the sushi!!! Ooh how could I forget the sushi…. In fact, I’m thinking our next trip back should just be spent exploring cafes and restaurants and supermarkets. That would be a dream! 

I’ve now potentially ruined my Wednesday evening because nothing I make for dinner will even come close.. well done me.
Have you ever been to another country and fallen in love/become obsessed with their food?! Unfortunately there doesn’t even seem to be a dish I can recreate at home.. I’d rather not be cutting up raw fish in my kitchen. 
Enjoy the rest of your week 💕 XO


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