24/06/2017 ❀

That’s a wrap on wedding week… πŸ’” 
From the beginning it has been so incredible. Bangkok was a lot of fun. We spent far too many hours shopping (I was desperate to find a dress for my hen party.. 4 hours later, sorry Toby!!!) and had two wonderful evenings – one with my maid of honour and her boyfriend (HI PETE!!! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ) and the other with Toby’s groomsman, his girlfriend and my brother and future sister in law. Spending time with our friends made the whole week feel real because we were all talking about what was to come and the excitement was bouncing between us.
Our trip to the British Embassy to sort all of our legal documents was surprisingly easy and simple, it took around 30 minutes from start to finish. Nothing was really mentioned about our marriage at that point  which was odd, it was just paperwork, signing, stamping more paperwork, so not as special as I was expecting it to be πŸ˜‚ 
On Tuesday 20th we flew out to Phuket and that’s when we really started to think “holy sh*t this is happening”! Bangkok felt like a fun city break and it was kind of strange to not go straight home after it, but very nice! Once we arrived at our hotel our other guests began to turn up every few hours which was amazing – it was so fun to be able to greet everybody and spend time as a group. We’d all hang out by the pool, have lunch in the bar and try different restaurants for dinner (there were also countless cocktails consumed poolside at happy hour πŸ˜‰). 
The following days seemed to go by in such a blur, it’s true when people say it goes quickly. I spent Wednesday morning at my hair & make up trial, on Thursday we had our stag and hen parties and Friday was a day of recovery for everyone because of the stag and hen parties πŸ˜‚ 

Speaking of which, the day my girls and amazing mum planned for me was incredible and more than I could have ever hoped it would be. We were picked up early and taken to the most beautiful hillside spa where I was lucky enough to be treated to a manicure, pedicure & 90 minute full body massage 🀀 I have never felt so relaxed it was literally like I was floating on air when I left the treatment room. 
Once we were all done with our treatments we got to relax by the pool for a while before moving down to the beach for some lunch and a few cocktails (apparently no hen party is complete without them!). We were hit by an insane rainstorm in the afternoon so – you guessed it – we sat under cover and had MORE cocktails, followed by body boarding. It made me feel like I was 10 years old again splashing in the sea on Bournemouth beach, except it was a little bit hotter πŸ˜„ 
In the evening we went back along the beach to a restaurant/bar called Catch where my fab maid of honour and bridesmaid had decorated the tables and prepared the rest of our evening; dinner, more cocktails and then dancing in Patong until 4am. If you’re interested to find out what happened to the stag I’m afraid I can’t tell you.. “what happens on the stag do stays on the stag do” so I keep being told πŸ€” all I can share is that they dressed him up as a giant sperm and the waitresses in Hooters danced around him and sang ‘YMCA’.

It sounds like such a cliche but our wedding day was truly perfect. We woke up to crazy storms (which I was expecting because I’d been checking the weather in Phuket for weeks like a crazy woman and fretting over it) but they soon passed around 11:00 and we had light cloud cover. We already knew the venue was beautiful – that’s why we picked it – but arriving that morning with Katie, Kylie and my mum truly took my breath away. Our “wedding suite” was also the room us girls used to get ready in and once we were there we ran around excitedly, hopping into the giant bath tub for photos and taking pictures of absolutely everything! We had an amazing infinity pool but unfortunately just didn’t have time to use it.. 

It was so much fun getting ready with our incredible hair & make up team and the photographers that it was time to get dressed and down the aisle in absolutely no time. I’d been feeling so calm and peaceful until those last few minutes, I suddenly felt very nervous and was probably snapping at everybody πŸ˜‚ but I’d like to think that was my only bridezilla moment since I’d said yes to Toby’s proposal!! Special shout out to my wonderful dad who was probably dying to tell me how much he loved me/was proud of me etc etc as we were about to walk, but instead (under strict instructions from myself) told me countless dad jokes and even did a little ‘Gangnam style’ to avoid me crying like a small child!! 

I tried to soak in every single second of the walk with my dad towards the front of the aisle but to be honest that bit is kind of a blur for me. I knew I couldn’t look at anybody other than Toby (which is difficult when everyone is looking at you!) but as soon as we made eye contact I had to stare at the floor for fear of bawling my eyes out 😱 we both did a pretty good job of holding back the tears during the ceremony but of course there were a few at the beginning – that was inevitable. As soon as we were standing together and we held hands I felt so calm, nothing in the world could have pulled me back down at that exact moment. 
The rest of the evening was just brilliant. We had so much fun taking tons of photos, eating delicious Thai food (and cake.. WOW the cake!!!!) and dancing until my feet were so sore that I had to remove my shoes – the bottom of my dress soon turned a dark brown colour as it swept up the dirt and various drink spillages πŸ˜„. I could never put into words just how much the whole week meant to my husband(!!!!!!) and I but it was more than I imagined it would be.. I could go on and on about all of the moments but this would be the longest blog in the world, so here are a few more photos instead ❀

Until next time.. prepare yourselves for more wedding spam XO



  1. July 3, 2017 / 12:34 am

    Wonderful wedding, beautiful bride and handsome groom! Congratulations again to the newly weds!

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