Wedding Week Has Begun!

We’re in Bangkok… AAAAAHH!! 

We have been planning and talking and thinking about this week for over a year now and I can’t quite believe it’s finally here. I have to keep stopping for a second to remind myself to breathe and take it all in and we haven’t even met up with any of our family yet! I watched Beauty And The Beast on our flight over here and blubbed like a baby, my emotions are sky high so I’m a little concerned about our actual wedding day 😂 I’ll definitely have to layer up some good old waterproof mascara. 
Last week we were back in Singapore for 4 days and it was so relaxing. The last time we went I had to work so this trip felt just like a mini holiday, it helps that we’re so familiar with that “little red dot” and can get around so easily. I used to hate Indian food but there’s a restaurant in our old neighbourhood that completely changed my mind forever so obviously we had to go there and pig out on mango naan (it’s the best)!!
The past few weeks have been far too hot. Weather in Guangzhou is currently disgusting (that’s the only word I can think to describe it – you step outside for 5 minutes and feel like you need a cold shower). Last weekend the temperature was showing as 31, with 83% humidity, FEELS LIKE 42!!!!! I told you.. disgusting. It makes it difficult to get out on the weekends and explore which is something we love to do on our days off. Right NOW on the other hand I can relax and enjoy the heat as much as I want.. 😉
Because we’ve been spending a few weeks out of Guangzhou our Mandarin lessons are currently on hold, which kind of sucks. I really wanted us to jump back into it and keep learning but we’ll just have to take a month off and try to practice ourselves, which is tricky. We have workbooks but when you’re reading through them yourself you have no idea if you’re even saying things correctly or using the right pronounciation, but we’ll get better if we keep trying (in theory) 👍🏼 
This morning we were up bright and early to make our “affirmation of marriage” at the British embassy – I don’t know what I was expecting but it was quick and painless, just a few forms to fill in and hey presto we were done (apart from a major pat down by security upon entering the grounds, the guard had quite a feel of Toby 😬). When we began the process of planning our wedding I had no idea that you needed to submit paperwork and things to be given a certificate to sign to legally marry you, I genuinely thought the words “I now pronounce you Husband and Wife you may now kiss the bride” were legit enough and that was it!!! Luckily we found a great company who specialise in sorting the documents for weddings here so now that we’ve done our bit at the embassy we can completely relax and enjoy every moment without stressing over the next step.
Speaking of, I suddenly realise why they say brides sometimes lose weight in the week before the big day. I wake up every morning and I feel sick! Lunch time, feel sick. Dinner time, feel sick! I’m a very anxious person anyway so this is difficult for my poor body to handle 😂 I’m excited to marry my best friend but also pretty nervous, anxious to see everybody once they arrive in Phuket, in the dark about my hen do (I severely dislike not being in control) so my brain is struggling to cope, but I know this will be the best week of our lives so far.
We’ll be leaving Bangkok early tomorrow morning to fly to Phuket and I can’t wait to see everybody as they start to arrive. The thought that everyone we invited is coming all this way to celebrate with us is mind blowing and I can’t put into words how grateful we feel! 
To be continued… 😉 xo


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