Selling A Kidney To Afford Healthcare

I’ve decided to start today’s blog with a joke.. 
Expat healthcare in China. 
I know, it’s pretty funny! A few weeks ago I was hoping to be able to see a doctor (I’d been meaning to for a while but I kept putting it off because let’s be honest, nobody likes going to the doctors). I’d been recommended an expat clinic so I decided to give them a call. An American doctor was available that same afternoon, perfect, I thought. They then gave me the consultation fee, for the 15 minute appointment. 
Did you just fall off your chair?
What the hell! What a way to take advantage of expats who would understandably prefer to go to a facility where everyone speaks English instead of a local hospital where they speak Chinese 😤 my colleagues pointed out it would be cheaper to go somewhere local and hire an interpreter.. needless to say I cancelled the appointment. Luckily there was nothing seriously wrong with me. I hope I can coincide any future illness with a trip back to the UK.
The last few weeks have sped past (don’t I say that every time?!) and I think the next few will do just the same.. we’re off to Singapore on Wednesday 7th, I have my final wedding dress fitting on Thursday 8th (AAAHH!!!), on the following Saturday 17th we’re off to Bangkok to get the legal wedding stuff done and on Tuesday 20th we’ll be arriving in Phuket. Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it 😂 but beyond excited, it’s going to be amazing.
We’re on our way back from Hong Kong this afternoon. We had a long weekend for the “Dragon Boat Festival” so we tied in a trip here with some meetings today. I’ve only been with my new company for 1 month so I’d still class myself as a newbie but it was a great experience to meet some of my new contacts. It helps that the weather today has been beautiful – how can you not be in a good mood when the sun is shining! 

There hasn’t been much else to report, hence I’ve been slacking with my blog again. I promise (to myself, I’m sure it doesn’t bother anyone else 😜) that I’ll start posting more frequently again, especially when all of the wedding madness kicks off because I think it’ll be a great way to record everything that’s going on, plus it will be nice for us to look back on when it’s all over. 
I’d also forgotten to mention in my last few posts that we’ve recently kicked off our new Mandarin lessons – 4 hours every Saturday morning 😱  we’re so glad to be battling through it all again but my god it’s bloody difficult, especially after the first 2 hours when you realise you have another 2 to go. I think we’re making pretty good progress though, our confidence to practice when we’re out and about is getting better and our pronounciation is improving (according to our teacher, maybe she’s just being nice). I suppose it’s one of those things we just need to power through and eventually we’ll become fluent.. I’ll be writing these posts in Mandarin and you’ll have to use Google translate to read them 😉 xo


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