Friday Fun

Hello friends ❤
What a difference a week makes – the humidity has increased so much!! It’s back to Singapore style heat for us and I forgot how much I dislike getting so sweaty and sticky whenever we go outside. It’s gross. This cloud does have a silver lining though, we’ll be back to cooler weather in a few months so I’ll do my best to enjoy the dresses and sandals before getting back to sweaters and boots again. I missed seasons!
Yesterday was a little cooler so we headed to a place I’d read about called Xiaozhou Village. When I was commuting to work the taxi would drive past a huge, oriental style gate every morning and I always wondered what was beyond it. I thought it was this place but apparently not (we checked on a map – remember I’m not good with those?! I apparently also have no sense of direction). That mystical gate adventure will have to be saved for another weekend, if I could even remember where it is. Probably not.

Xiaozhou Village is centuries old and has become the new cultural centre of Guangzhou. We spotted a few little cafes overlooking the canals and some small shops selling everything from guitars to traditional Chinese costumes, but only a few places seemed to be open. I think we were there a bit too early! There were also a lot of restaurants serving Chinese food (obviously) and by restaurants I mean some plastic tables and chairs outside what looked like people’s own kitchens/homes. I’m much more adventurous these days when it comes to eating different things but I definitely wasn’t tempted by any of it here.. 

It’s great to be able to visit these random places and see a glimpse of such a different way of life. It’s a bonus that we only had to travel 20 minutes out of the city centre to experience it too! As always people here were super friendly, smiling back at us and I think I noticed a few cheeky photos being snapped as well.
Speaking of the way of life here we went for a walk on Friday evening to the stadium right by our apartment. I’ve probably mentioned before that there is a huge amount of space in front of it and people are always over there skateboarding and flying kites. When we got there I think it was around 8pm and there were so many families enjoying themselves. Kids were driving around in little electric cars covered in lights, teenagers and adults were roller skating and there were several groups of people dancing to music. It was so fun to see everyone having fun 💃🏻

We had a wild evening yesterday that consisted of staying in and watching Moana.. prior to that we had debated going out for a drink but we decided to stay home and watch a Disney film instead. We’re crazy 😜 but we did have dinner at a Brazilian restaurant nearby, you know the ones where they won’t stop bringing over skewers of meat and piling it onto your plate. It was delicious! Desert, however, was not so great. I ended up with a little durian cake and it was vile. If you don’t know what durian is Google it or go on YouTube and watch videos of people eating it.. 😷
I’m not ready for it to be Monday tomorrow.. if only every weekend consisted of 3 days! Hope you’ve all had a good one XO


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