Sunshine And Frozen Margs 

It’s the weekend – hurrah! Do you have anything nice planned?! ☺️
This morning I was sat outside Starbucks (I know, there was no Pacific Coffee in the area), enjoying an Iced Shaken Peach Green Tea while soaking up the warm sunshine. Just imagine for a minute that it’s a beautiful, clear summers day in England and you’re sat in a pub garden with a drink – BAM – that’s what it’s been like here all day! It’s been about 20-25 degrees but there’s still a slight chill in the air every now and then when the wind blows, it’s gorgeous. I’ve missed this kind of weather ☀️ 

Since it’s been so sunny we decided to wander over to the Guangzhou Opera House. I’ve seen it from afar a few times but I wanted to have a proper look up close. It’s quite an odd shaped building and it got me thinking, aren’t most theatres/opera houses in big cities funny looking?

After having a look around we chilled out for a while with a Starbucks, grabbed some lunch and made our way over to Zhujiang Park. It’s so nice to be able to escape the city for a while, even though you’re still right in the centre of it! Despite how big it was there’s no chance of getting lost, all you need to do is look up and check which skyscrapers are in view 🏙 like all parks we’ve visited here so far it was so well kept and maintained that the grass and some of the plants almost didn’t even look real.

We’ve been on the go all day wandering around so this evening we’re chilling out in an English bar just around the corner from our apartment. There’s a Football match going on tonight between Guangzhou and Shanghai (we can see the stadium from our apartment and hear the fans chanting – Toby is desperate for us to go to a game!!) so we’re watching that on the TV and I’m sipping on a frozen margarita 🍹 
I must admit, I think I’ve been too harsh on Guangzhou. Today has been so much fun, it’s probably been my favourite day spent in this city so far. It deserves more credit than I’ve been giving it.. I seem to have had a lot of down days and going back to the UK/Singapore didn’t really help that, so I’m looking forward to trying to settle back into life here. Watch this space! 
Cheers! Happy Saturday everyone XO


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