Looking To The Future

Life is changing (again)! It’s exciting, scary and a little nerve wracking but I’m feeling truly content and happy for the first time in a while. 
If you follow me on Instagram ➡️@englishgirlinchina⬅️ you’ll know that I resigned last week. It was my first full time job and I’ve grown so much since I started – it’s been 7 1/2 years!! From meeting my fiancé (on the telephone), to spending almost 3 incredible years in Singapore, to recently moving to China, I’ve had so many experiences and adventures and will always have fond memories of my time there.
But as they say, onwards and upwards ☺️
Not much was happening in life last week. We were still jet lagged so we pottered around aimlessly at the weekend, visited Pacific Coffee a few too many times and got ready for our trip to Singapore. We arrived on Tuesday and will be leaving this Friday evening so it’s only been a quick visit but we’re having a great time! Quick shout out to our amazing friends, Dan and Kylie, for putting up with us and giving us a bed for a few nights 👋🏼👋🏼 hotels here are not cheap!

It’s really strange to be back as a tourist in a place that’s so familiar. I keep finding myself comparing Singapore and Guangzhou – the food, people, transport, weather etc, and I hate to say it but SG comes out on top again and again 🇸🇬 but saying that, Guangzhou still has time to grow on me. We haven’t been there for long and it’s such a huge city that I feel like we’ve only skimmed the surface of. We better get our adventurer hats on and get to it! 
I have really slacked on my fitness since we moved and I could list a ton of reasons why but basically I’m just rubbish at self motivating! We used to be members at a functional training gym called F45 and each session would seriously kick my butt, so while we were back we had to go to a class 💪🏼 my god. Washing my hair afterwards was a serious struggle, my arms felt like lead!! If there’s one near you and you’ve never tried it I would seriously recommend it. 

To reward myself for getting off my backside today we’re off out for dim sum this evening and I’m beyond excited. It’s my absolute favourite and thanks to living in Asia I have mad chopstick skills these days 😏🍜
Have you ever lived in another country and then moved home/elsewhere? How did you find it whenever you went back to visit? XO


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