Cloth Market Adventures

Good morning world, it’s finally the weekend! I hope you’ve all had a great week ☺️  
Last Saturday we decided to venture out and attempt to find a cloth market. As I was the one that trawled Bing all morning for the directions (no Google here, it’s very frustrating) I was in charge of navigating! We had to take the metro and change at 2 different stations before walking for around 40 minutes and it was HOT! I’m getting sick of not knowing if I should be dressing for warm or cold weather out here.. anyway, it turns out there was a metro line even closer to the market than the one I thought we had to get to. Morale of the story – don’t leave me in charge of finding directions. 
There were several floors of stalls selling fabrics (cottons, linens, silks, you name it it was probably there) and on the higher floors there were tailors where you could take your purchased fabric and ask them to make you clothes. As our wedding date is looming (4 months – AAH!) Toby is on the hunt for a tailor to make his wedding suit. To say we got screwed over was an understatement. I’m pretty sure they were all shouting to each other “WESTERN PEOPLE!! Up your prices everyone!!!”. 
We went up to one stall to show them a picture of the colour we were looking for and the lady showed us the fabrics, excitedly pointing out that they were from Italy (yeah, right). There was that awkward language barrier thing going on so we were all kind of laughing and smiling at each other, then she gets out the calculator and types in the price. She wanted around £300 for a pair of trousers. One pair of bloody trousers! Ridiculous. Needless to say we left as they laughed amongst themselves, probably realising we weren’t as stupid as we looked! 
So, if you ever find yourself in Guangzhou and you want to get some tailor made clothes at the market take a local Chinese person along with you because you will get ripped off!
On Sunday we went to a proper mall where clothes have price tags (it seems like the safer way to shop). This place is underground not too far from our apartment and it was the weirdest, creepiest, most confusing shopping mall I’ve ever been in! Each section is themed but I couldn’t possibly tell you what the themes were supposed to be. One area had statues of dinosaurs, another had live peacocks and ponies and others had creepy mannequins dressesd in period clothing (I HATE mannequins, I find them scary.. don’t laugh).
One section even had a suggestive statue of a banana.. see for yourself. Parents kept sitting their children on it to take pictures, that just seems so wrong 🤔

It was like a maze down there and we were trying to find our way out for a good 30-40 minutes, to the point where I was starting to panic and feel very claustrophobic (drama queen!?). We finally made our way out and I’ve never been so happy to breath in China’s delicious, polluted air.
The rest of this week has been very average – eat, sleep, work, repeat. I must say though I am beginning to get just a liiiiittle bit irritated with people on the metro here. At rush hour in the evenings it is so unbelievably busy, I’ve never seen a metro station so packed. People shove everyone and anyone to get onto the trains. I’m a bit concerned that one day I’ll punch someone in the face but it hasn’t happened yet so I’ll keep doing my best to avoid lashing out 😜 
This weekend we’re off to explore Macau (it’s known as Chinese Vegas) so that should be very interesting! Hopefully lots of pictures and some funny stories to come from that trip.
I will leave you with this little gem from yesterday evening, have a good day 💕
Me: Hi there! Please could I get a small chai tea latte?
Costa Coffee Employee: China tea?
Me: No no, CHAI tea latte?
CCE: Chinese tea?
I ended up with a plain old latte ☕️


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  1. jujmental
    February 25, 2017 / 7:38 am

    That banana should definitely have a parental advisory……haha!
    Thoroughly entertaining read, keep them coming xx

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