Getting Some Fresh Air

Hello everyone! 
Today has been a good day – the cardboard boxes are GONE hurrah!! We emptied all of them yesterday morning and started finding homes for everything but in the process stuff has ended up in piles in our spare bedroom. One day at a time, I’ll take the small victories where I can get them 😊 
After spending all day yesterday indoors we woke up and decided to get outside and enjoy some nature. We’d already been to a place called Yuexiu Park when we first visited Guangzhou, in March 2016, but hadn’t explored much of it so we thought we’d go back. It’s the largest park in downtown Guangzhou so we could  probably go back again and again and still see different sections of it.

We really need to start checking the weather before we go outside – in Singapore it was always hot so we never thought about it but it was 13 degrees here today (to us it may as well be 3 degrees). I was COLD. Toby wore shorts and people were looking at him like he was insane.
The Chinese New Year celebrations are still in full swing and the atmosphere everywhere is brilliant, especially in public places. Whole families were out for a walk – old grandparents, parents, teenagers and tiny babies – and everybody seemed so excited and happy to be spending time together. You can’t help but get sucked into the excitement of it all, it’s kind of like the Christmas buzz all over again! 

We came across this older man by the entrance who was painting Chinese characters onto the path with a brush and a cup of water. Obviously we had no clue what they said but it was so interesting watching him write them, they look so intricate and complicated! He looked up just after I took this photo and shouted “HELLO GOOD MORNING” πŸ˜„ we always try to say hello in Chinese but it seems they also like to be able to try out their English!
One of the most famous landmarks of Guangzhou (and one of the main reasons people visit the park) is the ‘Five Rams’ sculpture. Legend says that 2,000 years ago the city was suffering from famine and five rams appeared with rice for the local people, before turning into stone. Given how big the sculpture is they must have been pretty huge rams! 

Besides the famous rams and a few other historical buildings there was so much space for people to play games and take part in other activities. We saw several groups of older men and women kicking a shuttlecock back and forth to each other (video on Instagram @englishgirlinchina) and people practicing Tai Chi – everyone seems to love being active! 
Our afternoon has been relatively lazy in comparison. One of the historical buildings we saw this morning was up a hill. The sign said 100 steps. There were 498. πŸ˜‘ 
I hope everyone is having a great, step-climbing-free day so far! XO


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