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Guangzhou VS Hong Kong

Hong Kong & China.  You only need to turn on the news recently to see the names of these two countries pop up. It got me thinking about how I’d compare the 2 now that I’ve lived in each. This is 100% not political, just a reflection of my time in…

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Next Chapter

Next Chapter

Hello from Hong Kong (*spoiler alert* I don’t live in Guangzhou anymore). It’s been almost a year since I added anything to my blog.. a year of being told by my parents and husband to carry on, don’t quit, write about something! Honestly it became such a chore to write… View Post
The New Normal

The New Normal

Hello from the other siiiiiiide ✌🏼 My blog is so shiny and new, it’s very exciting. Do you like it? I was finally able to sort everything, or rather the wonderful people at Site Ground were (because I am terrible with technology), and although it looks as if the changes… View Post
The One With Lots Of Photos

The One With Lots Of Photos

Hello from the laziest blogger in the world! ✌🏼 I’ve been up to quite a lot since my last post so to save time I’ll mash it all together. Apologies in advance if it’s a bit all over the place, much like my brain these days. We went to Cambodia… View Post